A long time ago….

I was watching a show, on natgeo, that showed the dissection of an elephant carcass (one who had died of natural causes). I found it to be extraordinarily fascinating because there was just a certain….unity…about the body. I was breathless at the explanation of the ears, that are used to cool the body in high temperatures, by circulating all of the body’s blood through them in only 20 minutes (that is why they flap them back and forth). I was in awe at the feet that have fat pockets in the soles, aiding them on long desert walks, like built in running sneakers. I stared at the beautiful ivory tusks and a trunk that serves an endless list of purposes. I have seen some things in life that make me take a step back and marvel, but this was different. I was genuinely moved by contemplating the ornate harmony and innocence of creation.

This creature was a million moving parts that functioned in synchronized grace like a ballet, and just as I was drowning in wonder of these amazingly intricate parts, I realized that together they make an even more amazing creature. Together these parts house the spirit of an animal who sheds tears at the sight of other elephants remains and buries them. A spirit that calls the creature to make a pilgrimage back to their place of birth when the time is upon them to pass. Many amazing parts that craft a flawless whole.

I imagined that being in love must feel something like the way I felt that day. A blissful wash of unity. Unparallelled admiration and appreciation working together to create a bond greater than the sum of its perfect parts.

More recently….

It was as I selfishly backed up towards the closest exit to avoid an awkward conversation that I bumped, or perhaps was more divinely pushed, into you. In your presence I felt protected and my desire to be yours alarmed me. I was inquisitive, yet I sensed a depth about you that felt like a warning. I couldn’t play on the edge as I normally did, because I knew, with you, I’d fall in. Days drained by like mere instances and in a moments time you had, in one sweeping motion, taken hold of me. Time stood still around me, and I stood still out of shock, but you moved as smooth as ever, like you already knew what to expect. Silently you took lead and I followed, with no objection. You’re constant smirk seems to tell that you knew all along, had control all along. That even now, you still do.

You are both stern and delicate, distinguished and silly, noble and sweet, proud and humble. I admired those parts, and adored the whole. I peered over the edge to satisfy my insatiable intrigue, and I fell in.

Minutes passed and I became a student of you.

We developed a bond that seemed preexisting. With each layer I penetrate, I found another beneath, waiting to be dissected like the inner-workings of the elephant. Waiting for me to dive into them to realize exactly how complex and perfect they are. Like creations in nature, each part serves a purpose and fulfills its duty without fail. Each part contributes to a greater whole, and that whole has consumed me.

Like life, like divine miracles, like the elephant, I am in awe of you. Like I imagined one day, a long time ago, love is unparalleled.


In Islam, 5 pillars are the central practices for Muslims (similar to the 10 commandments in Christianity)

The 5 pillars are:

1. Shahada: recite the Islamic Creed (Similar to the “Lords Prayer” in Christianity)

2. Salat: ritual prayers 5Xs a day, at which time the worshiper communicated directly with Allah (Similar to morning and evening prayer in Christianity)

3. Saum: Fasting during Ramadan (Similar to Lent sacrifice in Christianity)

4. Zakat: Charity Tax (Similar to “tides” in Christianity)

5. Hajj: Pilgrimage to Mecca to see the Holy Shrine

Muslims believe in Allah, a peaceful, loving, merciful and infinite diety, similar to God in Christianity.

They also believe in Angels, prophets, and Free Will, just like Christians.

The Holy Quran, in Islam, is believed to be the actual word of Allah (God) revealed to the prophet Mohammad through the Angel Gabriel in the year 610 A.D.. Unlike some metaphors we may find in other religious texts, The Quran is meant to be taken literally, no variations or different interpretations. Though Muslims study other religious texts, such as the Sharia and Hadith, this 114 chapter book is the most sacred of all books, for Muslims.

The word Islam is derived from the word “salaama” meaning peace, obedience, purity, and submission. However there doesn’t seem to be anything peaceful or submissive about the recent attacks the Taliban called on Afghans to make against US troops after, in a display of extreme disrespect, hundreds of Qurans were burned earlier this week.

Using murder as a response to disrespect, sounds more like a street code rather then a religious obligation, but radicals in Afghanistan slaughtering people now, are no different from the be-headings and massacres of the Holy Wars, or Religious Crusades (which were actually Blessed by the Pope) of the 12th century, or the modern day judicial system determining who is worthy of life or death. Murder, whatever your cause, is still murder.

Albert Einstein may have said it best: “it is my conviction that killing under the cloak of war is nothing but an act of murder”

From birth we are abducted into these groups which seem to “welcome” us with open arms, but the same things giving us a place to call home are the same things segregating us from one another, giving us an innate fear of what we don’t know or understand. If that persons skin isn’t like mine, doesn’t talk like me, doesn’t dress like me, or has less money, then they must be bad. It’s actually pretty narcissistic, if you ask me, to just assume that whatever make and model you are is the best version that’s out there.

According to the studies and beliefs of Freud, we all develop the same capacity to care for the well being of others around the age of six. Prior to that we are incapable of thinking beyond wanting a bottle or a diaper change, we don’t care how tired mommy is, we will cry until she gets up.

At the age of six, you start realizing how your actions affect others, and begin taking that into consideration before speaking or acting on a selfish impulse. This means that, whatever switch in us is flipped to cause us to stop caring for others, is not natural, its learned. Just like any other bad habit we pick up along the way. We are taught to dislike, judge, and just feel generally indifferent towards people who are not “like us”.

I realize that Polygamy, a strict dress code, and the refusal to ingest pork is only the tip of the iceberg for the differences between Islam and Christianity, however the striking similarities can not be denied either. as I studied Islam, Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity, and Sufi movement side by side I realized that, though there were many small differences, overall the message was the same.

At the heart of each Religious belief, there is a call to peace. Peace, by definition, is a state of mutual harmony between people or groups. Why is it that the thing that calls people to peace is the same thing calling them to war?

What is the difference between Hitler, who believed in God and believed his cause was right and any other person willing to kill for their cause?

Perhaps. like Ghandi, we should all expose our breast to the bullet before bearing arms, and live by his memorable words…..

"there are many causes I am willing to die for…but none I am willing to kill for"

I wonder if God, Allah, Brahman and Buddah would approve?


It was deep until we hit the bottom.

My heart was never weak until you stopped it.

My body never came until you found it.

I never wept until you lost it.

I fell in and you fell out.

I offered love

you turned it down.


I want to find the simplest, purest words, my love

I want to delicately lay those words upon you

I want my purest and most delicate self to touch

your skin and far beyond it

I want to lay my intentions before you

so you can be sure of their innocence

I want my heart to beat in your chest

so you will know it is always yours

in the simplest, yet, most sincere way

I want you to know I love you


I would return to my childhood for you

Face the struggle of the wonder years

I’d repeat the lessons a million times

If the results would bring me here


I believe

in this vast endlessness

my moments with you feel as intimate as silence


Someone is starving to death right now

as I lay in my bed contemplating love and other fates

someone is pleading for a day of life

as I comfortably watch mine tick away

visions of disease don’t fit the American dream

so we tailor beliefs to surroundings

someone alive will wither and die

as I turn a blind eye to their suffering

An atheist of strict moral code is perhaps more disciplined

than those bribed by incentive

a clean mind is a clean mind

a good heart is a good heart

even devoid of high hopes of Heaven

care not of instilled segregation

save the world. Why not? You can

Someones starving to death as you read this

and they cant eat daily affirmations


True love knows when it must breathe from a distance

The things that have come to pass

I spoke into existence


"sometimes you last in love, but sometimes it hurts instead." -Adele

The contents of my purse hit the street and scatter

like the contents of my mind

you’ve scrambled everything rational

risky decisions will punish you in the end

I just want the chance to love you again

Looking at my things on the floor

I can’t face reality

the things we shared feel more tangible

is this happening to me?

but that too would pass

as I scoop the contents of my life

out of your hands

and back into my mind

I hate change, yet it finds me

making my way through a bustling crowd

couldn’t one of you warned me?

you were my illusion so real

you left a kiss on my lips

I swear I won’t move

please come take it


I swear your minds inside of mine, even when no other parts of you are. You own my mind and my body follows. You have the heart to which my soul is submissive.

If its lust, I cant bring myself to repent. If its love I cant bring myself to admit. If its friendship I hope it’s one from which we can both benefit.

My hands are figuratively tied, I cant tell you no. My dominance subsides for the first time, I find myself at a loss for any word but……yes.


Those who peer down, get a glimpse of the ground, that will one day reach up to grab them. Karma spins on its axis, as do my thoughts, trying to break the cycle of my actions.


My name has no desire to reach many lips, it doesn’t aspire to become stardom kissed.


Lost interest. Restriction and sleep, yet still no peace. Bound by the promises I failed to keep. Karmic debts looming over me, pressure approaches as I swim into the deep. The foam curls at my feet. Broken shells sparkle, the shine of deceit. It’s you versus me, as in all of my dreams. Fragile are my fantasies, I say, and beautiful in all their glory.


Darkness is not the absence of light but rather light the absence of depth. That which is all it appears to be has never been described as intriguing or thought-provoking. That which is all it appears is not the driving force pushing our culture to develop. The light, which is everything you hope it to be, will never push you to your brink. Self revelation is found in our darkest of hours and in the deepest of shadows. You will never know yourself truly until you have seen how you react in the face of darkness.

Too many fear facing the unknown and too many have no desire to truly know themselves. Who are you? Would you recognize your face in the face of adversity?


Its incredible to look at what you cant see

Gazing into my eyes, lost inside me

The deeper I go the more empty it seems

Lost since I strayed from the flock of sheep

I cant bring myself to conform or fit in

To bend or to break for what I don’t believe


the course Ive taken seems to have no end

I’m no longer even clear on the destination

So I get lost in myself. Lost in my face

But to see and to look are two different things

How can you come so far only to forget where you’re going?

How can you work so hard only to forget why you’re fighting?